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Monday, August 14, 2006

MLS all star game

Nice showing for MLS against Chelsea. DeRosario really played well. The field/stadium looked nice, although the grass looked long. Also, cool half-time show with Lupe Fiasco.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Next Coach?

Here's quite an intersting post outlining several international coaches (besides Klinsman) who the US would do well to hire.

Chain of Succession.

The one that I personally find intriguing is the Dutch guy, Guus Hiddink.
It seems like our players haven't done well in Germany, but not bad in Netherlands (DeMarcus, O'Brien, the young Bradley kid). Plus, Guus has clearly done well for himself in the last couple of WCs. So, if Klinsman bats an eye, I think we should go hard for Hiddink.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


So, Arena's out in US. Klinsman is out in Germany? Is this a match?

Here's some speculation from couple weeks ago, which is further fueled by recent events: coaching speculation

Here, too:
SI speculation.

So, what does everyone else think? Who's best fit to take the help of USMNT?


I hate to nail Arena, cause he's done so much for US soccer, but he showed an incredible lack of imagination and a stubbornness to play the game one way and one way only.

Honestly, we made some bonehead plays that costs us in Italy and Ghana, but I think the players played hard. But it's like they were playing in a cage. I think that's the coach's influence.

Certainly, Arena has done a remarkable job getting us to this WC, but it's time for a change of attitude. We've got to play with much more aggressiveness. I think we've got the players to compete in the final 16. Our players, however, showed as much creativity as their coach.

So disappointing...and with Italy doing its part, too.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day of Reckoning: 3

I guess this is the real day of reckoning. Wow. We've seen one horrible defeat. one incredibly gutsy effort, in the face of serious adversity. What do we expect in the Ghana game?

While we know this is a must win, I think by no means is this a gimme. Ghana looked so fast, agressive, and creative against Czech Republic. Yes, the same Czech Republic we played (minus Koller).

Really, the only thing that would surprise me in this game is that we'd get thumped a la Czech game. I could even see use getting multiple goals and a win. But a draw or a loss would not shock, alghough they would disappoint.

Read Bechtel's SI Blog, which outline keys to victory. To his, I'll add in my continued drone that we need to create opportunities.
I've seen in serveral reports (here's one) where Landon says the following:

"We're getting the chances," Donovan said. "A little unlucky. A little not sharp in front of the goal. But that's the last thing I worry about."

I think that's bull. We have not had good chances, and the ones we've had have been mostly by the wrong players (Pablo, Claudio, Convey). So, I'll keep up my refrain. Let Eddie Johnson create some space and shots so that the box opens up for McBride. If we start out with that 4-5-1 lineup again, I predict a loss.

I will venture this guess at starting lineup:

D: Cherlundolo, Bocanegra, Conrad, Onweyu
M: Beasley, Donovan, Reyna, Dempsey, Obrien
F: McBride

I'd prefer to see Demsey out and Johnson in, but doubt it.

That said, let's tag 'em tomorrow and hope for the best.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Scoring Woes

I don't think I'm beating a dead horse, cause it's not dead yet, but I'm definitly beating this horse. Arena needs a lineup change to add a creative striker alongside McBride. We are not going to score enough goals with Brian in the air to advance. Eddie Johnson seems like the best candidate, as he actually created a few shots in the Czech game. When Pablo and Claudio are getting the best shot opportunties, something is smelly in Denmark...or, in this case, Germany.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reckon We're Not Dead

First, the good.

We came out and played with intensity, and I loved the pressure on the ball and competing and winning 50-50 balls. That's an effort to be proud of. Also, it was nice to see Bruce come back with praise for Landon (who played a whale of a game) and DeMarcus after his way too public ridicule after the Czech Republic game.

Now, the bad.

Wow. We've got big problems up front. When the only people getting quality shots on goal are Claudio and Pablo, either we've been scouted and defended to a tee or our offense is poorly organized to play at this level. Poor Brian McBride...using his strength in the air to win balls at mid field, getting virtually nothing in the box.
And as well as Convey is playing up and down the field, he is such a poor finsiher. That was a horrible misfire after a beautiful setup from the corner of the box.

Was I the only person pulling my hair out for Eddie Johnson to come in at the 80 minute mark!?!

I hear today that the US has recorded the fewest shots on goal of anyone in the WC. To Bruce, who has done such a marvelous job taking this team to this level, I now plea....change that bloody attack! Give Eddie Johnson a chance along with McBride up front.

I predict, that without a lineup change, we cannot score enough goals against Ghana to win the game.

What does the soccer blogosphere think?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Day of Reckoning: 2

Well, now we have a bigger day of reckoning than we had before. Like most, I see us as a longshot, but I have this feeling that the team is going to come back and play a solid game. The question is, can we turn that into 3 points?

Wondering about the lineup Bruce is going to go with. Seems like he's got to get Dempsey and Johnson on the field. And I still think John O'Brien is needed to improve the quality of our serves. Who does that leave out? Beaz? Convey? (Anybody think Lewis might move up to left midfield?) Okay. I'll venture a guess:

GK: Keller
D: Pope, Onyewu, Cherlundolo, Lewis
M: O'Brien, Reyna, Donovan, Dempsey
F: McBride, Johnson

Predictions? Okay. US wins 2-1 to keep hope alive.